Woman in Pakistan Makes Homes From Rubbish

A Karachi woman has dedicated her life to making furniture and homes from plastic and food waste and now wants her project to benefit the world.

Nargis Latif has spent the last twenty years running her rubbish upcycling project Gul Bahao. Along with her team of helpers Latif has transformed plastic, fruit and vegetable waste, collected from all over the city, into useable structures.

Photo of piles of plastic rubbsih littering thee side of a road
© Lucyin-own work (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Most recognisable is the chandi ghar, or silver house, a type of small shelter, used by people displaced in Pakistan’s 2005 earthquake. Gul Bahao also creates tables, chairs and foldaway toilets and finds ways of recycling rubbish to create water reservoirs, food for livestock and compost.

The project’s creations  are formed of waste plastic inside a thermopore shell, chairs are sold for around 70 rupees (80 pence) and shelters around 300-400 rupees (£3 to £5) per square foot.

Photo of a recycled house called a Chandi Ghar
© gulbahao.org

Ms Latif told Aljazeera that the technology “will revolutionise the world.” Consumption of plastic worldwide has increased from around five million tonnes to nearly 100 million tonnes  annually over the last 60 years  and in Karachi 12,000 tonnes of rubbish are produced every day.

“It’s an environmentalist’s dream, the world will be clean of pollution and plastic bags because we’re putting them to good use,” said Ms Latif.

Original article via aljazeera.com


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